Jaya, Human Technomancer
Body4 (3 + 1 Karma)
Agility5 (4 + 1 Karma)
Reaction5 (4 + 1 Karma)
Strength3 (3 + 0 Karma)
Willpower2 (2 + 0 Karma)
Logic3 (2 + 1 Karma)
Intuition4 (4 + 0 Karma)
Charisma3 (2 + 1 Karma)
Resonance6 (2 + 4 Metatype)
Edge1 (1 + 0 Metatype)
Biotech4+Log(First Aid)
Close Combat1+Agi
Outdoors5+Int(Urban Areas)
Perception5+Int(Urban Areas)
Crossbow2P 6/8/2/-/-9d6 (Ath+Agi)
Knife3P6d6 (CC+Agi)
Low-light vision6 Karma
Quick healer8 Karma
Will to Live 216 Karma
Addiction to Nic-stick 3-6 Karma
Dependent 2-8 Karma
Honorbound (no firearms)-10 Karma
Gear & Money
Fake SINRank 12500N
Combat knife3P, 8/2/-/-/-220N
Survival knife3P, 8/2/-/-/-220N
Light crossbow2P, 6/8/2/-/-150N
20 Bolts5N each
Urban explorer jumpsuit800N
Dead com link0N
20 standard RFID tags1N per 10
Silver credstick20N
Med kitRank 2500N
Lockpick set250N
Wrecking bar20N
Gecko tape gloves250N
4 magnesium flare5N each
Survival kit200N
Rappelling gloves50N
Remaining at start2623N
Seattle Streets
Law Enforcement Corps
Weight110 lb
Hair colorBlue (naturally black)
Eye colorBlack
MarksHeavy visible tattoos
Given NameJaya Fitz
Shadowrunning AliasEuropa
AliasesJ, Jack, Elise
LifestyleSquatter (500N/mo)
Complex Forms
Cleaner, Editor, Stitches, Tattletale
Jaya was born Jaya Fitz, in a decrepit inner Seattle suburb, around the start of 2080. Her exact birthday is not known. She has never been legally registered in any way or had a legal SIN.

Raised by a drug-addicted single father, Jaya and her younger sister Strix learned to rely only on each other. Theft, both physical and electronic, was a survival necessity and a way of life. Before her twelfth birthday Jaya had fallen in with a small youth gang - and would be the only one to evade arrest by corporate security when the gang lifted illegal technology from a parked Solaris Industries truck. Jaya fled, taking the baby Strix with her, and submerged herself in the sprawl to hide from pursuing Solaris agents.

On a particularly desperate and hungry night, Jaya (carrying her sister) broke into a disused warehouse searching for a dry place to sleep. The warehouse turned out to be home to Maggie, an elderly fugitive Runner who took Jaya and her sister under her wing. Jaya learned quickly and soon found that she was a natural technomancer. She and Strix still share that same abandoned warehouse with Maggie, scraping whatever living they can from the city streets.

Jaya is now twenty years old, and Strix is seven.
Maggie: Jaya's mentor and cohabitant. Maggie is in her mid-forties and in poor health, but is a talented hacker and a gifted scrounger. Connection 2, Loyalty 3.
Xotic: An affiliate of Jaya's former street gang and sometimes friend. A child of wealthy parents, which gives him more access to gear or info than one might except, but not willing to break the law at all. Connection 2, Loyalty 1
Trip: Jaya's ex-boyfriend. Now works as a junior officer at Manticore Dynamics, a high-end security corp. Connection 1, Loyalty 2
Amelie: A fellow street-rat, Amelie used to live with Jaya & Maggie. Moved out some months ago, current sleeping quarters unknown, but still stays in regular touch. Is/was a talented thief and a loyal friend. Connection 1, Loyalty 2
Strix: Not her original name. Jaya's younger sister. 3'8", 45 lbs, the same black hair and eyes as Jaya. Quiet, moody, extremely slow to trust, fierce on defense or offense.
Shep: Jaya's father. Deeply addicted to something strong. No contact with Jaya in years now, but still lives where he used to. Volcanic temper. Not to be trusted with anything valuable.
The Train Job (Session 1):
Mr. Johnson asked Jaya and two other runners ("Slab", a hulking troll brawler, and "Doug", a car-freak elf rigger) to rescue an associate of his from the custody of the UCIS marshals in transit between Denver and Seattle. Jaya & Slab boarded the train in Denver - on legit tickets, although Jaya hacked up a pair of tickets to get to Denver in the first place. Jaya compromised the train's control systems, and at the appropriate time (ie: near the rendezvous point with Doug) disabled the train's internal cameras. Both marshals were taken more or less by surprise. Jaya got her knife into one, but ultimately it was Slab's fists that killed both of them. After that, Jaya locked the train down, sealing the internal doors, then used the emergency brake and emergency door open to get clear. Doug gave covering fire with his car (a hacked GMC Bulldog)'s heavy guns and we made a clean getaway, leaving three wounded train security and two dead marshals behind us. Mr. Johnson compensated each of us 2000N for our trouble. We did make the news, with surveillance footage of both me and Slab.