software I like

This page lists software that I use (or have used) and like. I haven't bothered listing anything made by anyone that has a marketing department, since I figure you probably already know about it; I've erred on the side of making stuff by small creators the most visible.
chibi scheme: a small but powerful Scheme implementation which is my go-to for anything C isn't appropriate for. Very easy to embed/link against, and has some great built-in libraries.
cryptee: a web notebook & data store, with full client-side crypto, a great progressive webapp, and the best threat model I've ever seen. I use Cryptee for any documents I need to sync around: shopping lists, notes, that sort of thing. I might also move my photos into it soon as well...
nearlyfreespeech: my favorite web host if you want shared hosting. No fuss, just prepaid hosting at reasonable prices; they'll do DNS and domain registration as well if you need it. They used to be my primary web host until I moved my site onto a VPS.
newsblur: my RSS reader of choice. One really neat feature: optional passwords! Any destructive change to your account emails you the old state of your account so you can always revert it if you want, so you can just... not have a password, if you want. Wild!
sourcehut: a fully open-source "forge" that provides git hosting, continuous integration, mailing lists & code review tools, documentation hosting, and bug tracking. Extremely snappy, extremely competent, and with a great UX to boot. I use sourcehut to host my own code repos, including the code and most of the data for this very website :)
tarsnap: a backup storage service run by longtime FreeBSD security officer Colin Percival; basically the UNIX-y backup service of your dreams, as long as you're fine with a closed source client. Colin takes his job as data steward very seriously indeed and I would be happy to trust him with mine; I only stopped using tarsnap because I went to local backups only, but I'll probably start again soon.